Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing online, allowing access to new customers and increase sales. There are different methods of email marketing that can be applied to strategies for marketing your business.

At WSS, we are experts at creating customized e-newsletters targeted at promoting a business, a service or a product. An e-newsletter is a regularly distributed publication via e-mail to subscribers of an interested topic. From Real Estate Agents promoting listings and open houses to non-for-profit organizations promoting up-coming events, we can work with our clients to meet their specific needs.

Our eMail Marketing Services Include:

  • Full management of campaigns with ongoing advice to design and     manage your email marketing campaigns. 
  • Content creation or content implementation
  • Creative design contained in its different forms: newsletters, promotions, invitations, news, eCards, etc.
  • Generation and analysis of reports on campaign results.

Advantages of an e-mail Newsletter: 

  • Personalize each template  
  • Own template and use as many times as you like
  • Remind people of your product/listing
  • Create a unique outreach

Examples of Campaigns:

  • Weekly Special Offers
  • Upcoming Events/Fundraiser
  • Real Estate Featured listings
  • Coupons


Do you like to manage all aspects of your business but have no experience in Social Media and eMarketing? At WSS, we can provide one-on-one consulting to make sure a full understanding is met about Social Media and how to integrate Social Media with your business. We can help by setting up and teaching you and your staff how to use Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, MailChimp, LinkedIn and more efficiently and effectively. Our team will not stop until full satisfaction is met!